Spiritual therapy

Hypnotherapy with age regression

I offer hypnotherapy with age regression to work on unresolved situation from this life. In hypnotherapy, we will use hypnosis in a therapeutic way. Hypnosis is a state in which the subconscious mind comes to the forefront and the conscious mind goes into the background, while witnessing everything what happens.

Past-life regression therapy

I use past-life regression therapy (PLRT) for problems and residues that doe not stem from the current life but earlier life times. As a prerequisite for PLRT, we will usually do a series of hypnotherapy sessions to clear blocks from the current life first. PLRT may then be used as a complement, if we have reason to suspect past-life causative events.

Did you know that knowledge of past lives was already seen as essential by the Buddha nearly 2500 years ago? (See here.)

This said, it is not necessary to believe in past lives for past-life regression therapy, while an open mind and some curiosity about our subconscious mind are good starting points. The stories we will find, which are elicited by our subconscious, may be interpreted as teachings stories instead.

Between-lives regression therapy

I offer between-lives regression therapy (BLRT) as a possible add-on, if hypnotherapy and PLRT alone are not sufficient for understanding our this-life spiritual purpose. In BLRT we will go to the spiritual plane between death and re/birth.