Feeding your Demons®

Feeding Your Demons® (FYD) was created by Lama Tsültrim Allione, blending the Tibetan Buddhist severing practice of Chöd and Western psychotherapy approaches, such as Jungian shadow work, Gestalt therapy, and Focusing.

FYD works with so-called “inner demons”, inner parts within ourselves which block us from inner peace and freedom. These include unwholesome feelings, behaviours, and thoughts. The FYD process employs five steps that help us to imagine the demon visually and interacting with it. Instead of reacting with habitual patterns towards it (e.g., fighting, fleeing, or freezing), we learn to feed the demon compassionately to complete satisfaction. By doing so, we give it the opportunity to dissolve and transform. The very energy that was bottled up and plagued us can now protect and teach us.

Apart from demons, tbe FYD process also works with “inner gods”. These are inner restricting parts that look positive at first glance (e.g. perfectionism or workaholism). Ultimately, “demons” and “gods” are two sides of the same coin obstructing inner freedom.

How do I start the process?

If you are interested in FYD sessions, you can reach out through the Contact page.

After an initial interview, we will start off with one or two 75min sessions. Afterwards, sessions will usually take 50min only. (See Fees for information on costs.)