Couples therapy is not covered by German public health insurances. Therefore, I work exclusively with self-payers. Please contact your insurance in case of questions.

Apart from a 90min initial session and a 75min feedback/therapy planning session, the assessment phase consists of:

  • Individual couple therapy session with each client, 50min – 139,90 EUR*.
  • One-time payment for online questionnaires – 39,00 USD payable to The Gottman Intitute, Seattle, WA.

The standard session duration during the intervention phase is 75min. 90min sessions are available if desired:

  • Couple therapy session, 75min – 209,86 EUR*
  • Couple therapy session, 90min – 251,83 EUR*

For further information on the therapy process, please visit my couples therapy page.

All sessions are provided online.

*Fee at 3.2 times the rate of fee number 750 (individual behavioural therapy) according to the German Scale of Fees for Psychotherapists (GOP).